Why We Need Plastic Packaging?

Almost everything we buy today comes in some sort of packaging. And if you are a manufacturer, the first material that comes to your mind while thinking about packaging, for your product, will almost always be plastic. Why? It is because; a very big percentage of packaging industry is dominated by plastic. Why do we need plastic packaging for almost every type of products?

Before proceeding with the need of plastic packaging, let us first discuss why we need packaging in the first place.

Need Plastic Packaging

Why do we need packaging?

Packaging serves various needs that include –

  • Protection from damage – If not packaged, most of the product will get damaged in transit or contaminated by dirt, moisture, light, insects, microorganism etc.
  • Preserve – Packaging allows products to be preserved for a longer period.
  • Transportation over long distance – No packaging means nearly no transportation of goods over long distances. This means we can consume only locally manufactured goods.
  • Imparting information – Without a packaging, the manufacturer will have no space for sharing important information about the product.

Why choose plastic packaging?

Now, you know that packaging is important for a product. So, we can proceed towards the choice of plastic over other packaging materials. In addition to serving the basic protection and preservation function of packaging, plastic has many more advantages.

  • Resource efficiency – Production and recycling of plastic consumes lesser resource and energy than any other packaging materials. Removing plastic from packaging industry will increase the resource consumption by three times.
  • Sturdiness – Plastic containers are not easily breakable. They remain unharmed when dropped or knocked over. This does not only ensure the safety of the product but the user too. If the package breaks easily when dropped, the product will be spilled outside and the user can also get hurt.
  • Hygiene – Plastic packages can be easily made airtight to ensure that the product is not contaminated due to any environmental factors. This helps in maintaining the hygiene of the product. If a product is not packaged in non-permeable substance like plastic, it can easily get spoiled due to environmental microbes, moisture, air and some other factors.
  • Lightweight – Plastic is much lighter in weight when compared to other packaging alternatives of the same strength. This means the product can be transported much easier and in more quantity if it is packaged in plastic packaging.
  • Versatility – Plastics can be molded in almost any form. They can take the form of thin poly bags and they can also be molded as big water tanks. This versatility means you can opt for plastic packaging regardless of the product you manufacture.

Now, it must be clear to you that plastic packaging is the best choice for almost anything you might be manufacturing. But, remember, plastic comes in many quality. So, you need to choose the right manufacturer for getting the best quality packaging for your product. Finding quality plastic manufacturing companies like CCC can help you get your project done right the first time.