What are the Advantages of Composite Hose?

A composite hose is a form of hose pipe available from Proflex Hose which is made from a combination of materials, and can be tailored to suit a number of functions, making this hose type particularly versatile and adaptable.

The advantages that composite hose has over its competition are largely dependent on the type of composite hose pipe which you choose to employ, but on the whole, this versatile, capable hose is most recognised for:

Its Unique Construction

Unlike other single-material hoses, composite hoses are made from a range of materials bound together in one single tube. Based on the “mandrel-wrapped principle”, these hoses consist of a spiral of wire, which then has a layer or layers of a polymer, film or other material wrapped around it, and finally, a second wire spiral, tightly binding everything together.

The two wire spirals provide the pressure resistance which these hoses are famous for, and also keep everything tightly linked together under pressure. These wire helixes can be composed of galvanised or stainless steels, aluminium, polymer-coated steel or even alloys like Linconel, and the two spirals can even be different metals, although this is not normally necessary.

The film component of the composite hose pipe can be polypropylene, polyamide, polyester or other more esoteric polymers, based on your requirements. In this way, your hose can be tailored to the fluid it will carry, the temperature, the pressure, and your mechanical requirements, for total versatility!

Advantages of Composite Hose


As mentioned above, one of the key strengths of a composite hose pipe is its versatility and the variety of capabilities which are possible in its design. When ordering a composite hose, it is possible to completely customise the construction to suit your needs, making sure that you receive a hose that perfectly meets your needs – whatever they are!

It Doesn’t Corrode

While steel piping and other metallic pipes are at risk of corrosion by the environment or the fluids they carry, composite hose pipe doesn’t have that problem. Composed of non-corroding polymer sheeting, with an interior coil of stainless or coated steel, your composite hose pipe will resist corrosion and is perfect for carrying liquids like salt water or aromatic hydrocarbons that could corrode another type of hose, causing it to fail.

Bespoke Design

The final big advantage of composite hose is that the hoses can be made completely to order, with completely bespoke designs available. When ordering from an expert manufacturer such as Proflex Hose, your order can dictate every aspect of the hose, from the wire and polymer film chosen to the length of the hose, the bore of the tube, the pressure and temperature capability, the fittings attached, and any other aspects which may need to be modified!

If you are interested in learning more about composite hose and how they can help your business, you can get in touch with Proflex Hose on 01257 220 010 or use the contact form on their website, linked in this blog post! They will be happy to help you find the perfect hose for you.