Top 4 Trends in Translation Services

With globalisation, need for translation services is increasing in every industry. Along with it, the awareness about the importance of accurate and quality translation services is also increasing. This has given rise to many new trends in the translation industry. Knowing about them will be beneficial to you if you are looking for a good translation agency so that you can make the right decision.

Trends in Translation Services

1. Localisation.

Localisation means adaptation of the content such as website, text, design and branding to local populace. Localisation allows particular clients to know that you have knowledge of local culture, history, traditions and language peculiarities in that region or country.

Increasing number of companies are understanding the value of localising their websites, messages and marketing materials. Businesses are hiring certified translation services to provide them with creative translation materials.

Translating and localising your marketing message to be understood precisely by various countries, audiences and cultures can help you access global market and have better sales.

2. Multi-lingual Content and SEO.

Even though English is your second language, there are chances that your fluency is not sufficient to be able to conduct business on all topics on the internet where 53.6% of the content is in English. Therefore if you are planning to access global markets, it’s essential that you get your website translated and displayed in at least five of the top languages that are workable to your industry or region. Getting your website translated and making it available to customers who don’t speak English can help you gain sales, business and clients.

Also, SEO comes in all languages and if so much of the web content is not being supplied to languages other than English, that leaves a range of high ranking, low competition keywords in other languages that you can use to reach potential customers. The trend of catering your website and SEO to approach global market is fast growing in translation.

3. Human Translation.

Machine translation was popularised for fast and easy translation on the go. Machine translators mainly do your job, but the translation is not always correct because it is done word by word and most languages don’t get translated to another language in that way. Therefore if you want the translation for your business, you have to hire a professional human translation company. Human translators can provide you not only linguistic translation but also within a cultural context thus making sure the translation captures the overall essence of your message.

4. Long Tail Language Translation.

Although there are numerous languages that are spoken on the planet, only a few are considered important such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, French and Russian. But there are so many minor languages (long tail languages) that exist in the world. Long tail languages are those that fall outside of the regular deviation of major languages and are not used by huge populations. Still they have a remarkable presence in several local communities. With the growing popularity of internet, the trend of need for long tail language translation is fast rising for allowing people connect to each other.

Depending upon your need of translation, you may adopt one or more of these trends and hire an appropriate translation service to get great success in your business.