Product Development Services By Prototype House In Florida


This protype house has been founded in the year 2013 and their headquarters are in the downtown Fort Lauderdale which is located and situated in Florida. This prototype house has been setting the standards and the invention prototypes which are new for the development of the product companies which are based in the USA and the South Florida. This prototype has been aiming to be the choice which is the premier one for the start-ups, inventors and the larger brands who will seek the development of the product , packaging services and the design, prototyping services and  3D CAD engineering, their team will be the partner which is trusted for you from the time of the idea which is the initial one all the way up to the production with the manufacture who is the major one.

Here at the prototype house they can and will cover all the prototyping needs of yours. They will be providing the rapid prototypes, 3D printing which is simple proof of concept models, high end appearance models, small batch production prototypes and functional models. You can call them right now at this time or browse around the website, discuss with them specific product of yours and they will provide prototyping with the recommendation by the professionals. If you visit the website or the webpage, it will give you the detailed information and you can learn more about the 3D printing and the prototyping there and about the engineering, electronic design, quality PCB prototypes and many more in brief.

Product Development Services

At the prototype house

If we discuss about the electronic design and the engineering, it includes the studies of the feasibility, layout design of the PCB, CAD layout, electronic circuit design, firmware development etc. after the evaluation is done by the team of project of yours, they will begin design building and also, they will suggest alternate or the additional solutions. They will provide the prototype boards which are working and the firmware which are based on the designs of yours.

If we come across the design and mechanical engineering, the prototype house will make an impact with the customers or the clients in the world or across the globe. Their founders have launched products over 500 for the brand which are top and fortune 500 retailers such as the home depot, office depot, Walmart, target, Sam’s club, Ace, bed bath and beyond,Menards etc. the team of the prototype house has collaborated and designed with so many other brands which are amazing and fabulous such asthe skill, husky, Bosch, craftsman, Latvia, Lexar, no fear, Emtech, BMW,, relax the back, Ideo, bug red roaster etc.


The first time when you contact with the team of the prototype house is where they will begin to make their mark. Their friendly and the knowledgeable team will be listening and answering your question, queries and the doubts. The process can be started easily by you by just signing their online non-disclosure agreement which is called as the NDAA. They love to hear from the customers that are passionate about the idea of the product or the product invention