Overwhelmed With The Job Hunt? Use A Recruiter!

For a new lawyer, finding a job is no longer a simple matter of sending out resumes and going on interviews – it’s about expanding your network both offline and online including numerous social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. An article in Lawyers Weekly Canada presents differing viewpoints on the job market in Canada for new lawyers, but one point everyone agrees on is that job hiring has changed completely from what it was only a decade or two ago. It’s no longer enough to be at the top of your class in law school – firms want evidence that you understand business and can bring in new clients. There’s still strong demand in certain niches, but how does the fresh graduate know what and where those niches are?


Let a Recruiter Find Your Optimum Place in the Job Market

Exceptional legal recruiters like the Heller Group in Toronto remain tuned in to the legal networkon a daily basis because it’s their business to know who’s doing well, who’s hiring, and who might be downsizing. It’s important to have an experienced, trustworthy legal recruiter on your side because they know of job openings in Toronto Ontario or other major cities in Canada that are not necessarily advertised. They know what large legal firms are looking for in new recruits and which smaller firms may need new talent. Recruiters know which firms will best match your needs and experience– and they’ll have great tips for getting hired.

The length of time it takes to complete the hiring process is also steadily growing, especially in the legal industry. This tends to frustrate candidates who need to send out many applications and attend as many job interviews as they can in order to guarantee success for themselves. Legal recruiters will allow you to apply for multiple positions quickly and efficiently, maximizing your chances of obtaining a great job as soon as possible.

Not Only Law Firms Hire Attorneys

Local corporations often need in-house counsel, just as government agencies need attorneys; however, not all of these organizations understand lawyers and the differences between them. Utilizing the services of a legal recruiter allows these businesses to fill open positions with the most highly qualified candidates. Headhunters screen potential job opportunities to find what suits you best more quickly and efficiently than you ever could. This also benefits the client company, because the recruiter makes sure they receive a new employee that best suits them.

Honest Advice

Making a career move in the legal professional is frightening and challenging. A good legal recruiter understands the current market and where you might best fit in – and they give you honest advice. Once you are hired, your headhunter will also help you negotiate your employment package, to guarantee you receive a strong, fair salary and benefits package. Because headhunters remain in touch with the legal job market, they have a good handle on what you are worth based on your education and prior experience – you might even be worth more than you realize.