How To Land A Job Right After Graduating

It’s that time of the year soon: first come final exams and then you’ve got another academic year under your belt. You’ve got a summer job or an internship lined up for the four months between semesters, not to mention a bit of free time planned for a summer vacation. But are you supposed to do if this year, that’s not the case – for thousands of students, this is the year they graduate and enter the job market. You should be excited, and it’s okay if you’re a little nervous, too, but with a bit of help, you’ll be able to land the right position in no time.

#1 Tailor Your Applications

HubSpot recommends tailoring your applications and only applying to about 10-12 companies, and of course, for the jobs you truly want. That way, you can write winning, individualized cover letters and adjust your resume specifically for the job. Sometimes jobs can receive hundreds of applicants and unless you can demonstrate your passion and competence, you’re not going to get noticed. It’s far better to stand out in the competition for 10 jobs than it is to go unnoticed in 100, so get strategic with your applications. No one is going to give you any points for sending out a hundred applications a day if they’re riddled with mistakes and none of them lead to a job.


#2 Ask People About Their Jobs

Depending on what you went to school for, you may have a variety of different career paths to choose from, and it can be difficult to identify the kinds of entry level jobs you want to apply for. Ask them about their average day at work:

  • What kind of projects are they working on?
  • What kind of skills do they think have led most to their success?
  • What things do they like most about their job and what things would they want to change?
  • Do they work alone or in teams?

Answering these questions can help you decide what kind of position is going to fit your ambitions and personality.

#3 Find a Recruiter

You can find these and more tips from professional headhunters, but they can also be instrumental in getting your resume in front of the right eyes. Headhunters are paid a fee by companies that rely on them to find talented professionals to fill open positions. They have vast networks of both professionals and companies and are often experts at placing individuals according to their talents. Recruiters like IQ Partners operate in a number of industries, including finance, technology, HR, mining and engineering, and marketing. Building a relationship with a recruiter early can pay off in the long term, so strike one up now.

#4 Create a Network

As recruiters IQ Partners will tell you, the best thing you can do to land a position is to have a wide professional network. Don’t be shy when it comes to looking for help finding a job; a recommendation from someone within a company can often give you an edge getting an interview. Once you do land the interview, it’s up to you to impress.