How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Cold Storage Unit

A cold storage warehouse that’s not running at full efficiency can substantially drive up operational and maintenance costs for a business. If you’re not keen for a full-fledged overhaul, the following tips will help you make small yet significant changes to improve the efficiency of your cold store.

Airlock all cold store doors

Cold storage doors see a lot of traffic day in and day out, which is when the humid outside air gets a chance to infiltrate the facility. An easy way to control this problem is to ensure that the facility has quick-closing doors fitted with airlocks and door seals to ensure zero leakage of cold air from the chambers. If possible, try and separate the product receiving and loading area from the cold room.

Cold Storage Unit

Install LED lighting

LED lighting not only helps save money, it also reduces your energy footprint and makes your cold storage facility more energy-efficient. Moreover, LEDs last several times longer than traditional light bulbs, which results in even more savings for your business in the long run.

Inspect the building for cracks, seepage and leakage

Take a good look at the walls and roof of your storage facility to ensure there are no cracks or damage. Keep an eye out for chipped or discolored paint and for seepage or mold. Any damage to the structure of your cold storage plant should be taken seriously and fixed at the earliest. This will ensure that your products are protected against contamination and spoilage.

Ensure regular cleaning of condensers

The condenser is a critical part of your refrigeration equipment and it needs to be kept clean at all times to run at maximum efficiency. Ensure protection from dust to enable the air to flow easily so that the condenser can effectively remove heat from the cold chambers.

Enforce round-the-clock temperature control

Even the slightest temperature fluctuations can increase the load on your refrigeration plant and affect its functioning. While traditionally cold store employees had to manually check temperatures, the advent of cold storage automation has brought about tools that can warehouses manage and calibrate temperatures in real time. The digital system is designed to raise an alarm whenever there is a change in desired temperature, thus ensuring swift corrective action.

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Ensure adequate storage space and use quality equipment

Regardless of the size or scale of your business, your cold chambers need to have adequate room to store products, especially if you deal in food and beverages, which have a high risk of contamination and are extremely prone to spoilage if not stored properly. Aside from ensuring right temperatures, it’s important to use high-quality storage equipment throughout the premises, from rust-proof storage shelves to leak-proof doors and air-locked forklifts.

Installing quality equipment is the first step to achieving maximum efficiency for your cold storage plant.