How Are Companies Making Use Of Appellate Lawyers?

In any business, the risk of litigation is always there. The reasons due to which a company may get involved in a legal case are many and varied. It can be a dispute arising out of partnership issues, personal injury, the liability of a product, intellectual property, breach of contract, etc. No one can predict when and how a legal issue will pop-up in front of a company and threaten to become a big problem. To steer clear of such risks and to not get caught off guard, companies are teaming up with appellate law firms and appeals lawyers. Let’s take a look at how companies are making use of appellate lawyers.

Setting the stage for appeal early on

Appellate Lawyers

When a case moves to trial, it is handled by a trial lawyer. But if the verdict isn’t in favor of the company or there is a reason to believe that the decision is unfair, an appeal can be filed against the verdict. Usually, this is when an appellate lawyer enters the scene. But if an appellate lawyer participates in the trial along with the trial lawyer, the company can gain a big advantage. The appellate lawyer will be able to preserve all errors that occur during the trial. This can prove to be a vital time-saving step when filing for an appeal. This is one of the main reasons for companies to team up with appellate law firms early on.

Ensuring timely action

Appeals follow complex procedures and strict deadlines. If a company fails to file an appeal within the permitted time limit, it can lose the right to file the appeal. Also, a company can’t afford to ignore the guidelines set for filing appeals. Keeping track of the appeal deadlines and filing appeals as per the legal guidelines are often an added burden on companies as they struggle to deal with their core business issues. This is where companies depend on their appellate lawyers to do the needful. For instance, if a company in Atlanta hires an Atlanta appellate law firm, the firm will be able to ensure that the company doesn’t miss taking timely action for its business appeals.

Increasing the chances of making successful appeals

As the appellate lawyer remains aware of what happened during the trial and what errors occurred, the lawyer gets enough time to prepare the record, research the trial transcripts thoroughly, write effective briefs for the appellate court, and prepare for oral arguments. It goes without saying that time is of high importance in making appeals. By involving an appellate lawyer from the beginning of the case, the company ensures that the lawyer doesn’t lack in time to conduct research or to write a persuasive brief, which is the essential part in an appeal. This increases the chances of making successful appeals in the appellate court.

Whether it is a start-up or an established company, teaming up with an appellate law firm is essential for all kinds of businesses.