Getting Rid of Old Taxes? Make Sure They’re Shredded

Tax time in Canada can be stressful. Unfortunately, we tend to make mistakes when we’re stressed. We all know that maintaining our personal information is a crucial step in avoiding identity theft, but taxes can go to our heads. Overwhelmed and frustrated, it’s all too easy to get rid of old returns, forms, and other documents incorrectly, putting your future at risk. Before you throw out anything with personally identifying information, you should speak with a local shredding service first. There are many document destruction Toronto home and business owners trust to shred properly, and you can find one to ensure you’re secure this tax season.


Why document destruction?

Shredding on your own using an at-home shredder isn’t enough. The blades within these machines simply cut the paper vertically just once, making it incredibly easy to patch together. You’ll also leave your destroyed paper at the side of the road for curb pickup, where anyone can have access to it; and if you have a particularly large pile of paper to go through, it could eat up into your precious spare time.

A document destruction Toronto home owners trust use mobile trucks approved by the National Association for Information Destruction, which is an internationally renowned third-party organization that ensures the most advanced blades are used in the shredding process. These trucks are capable of shredding large amounts of paper and electronics, and their blades will rip apart your documents so thoroughly that it’s impossible to patch together. They’ll also deliver the destroyed material to a secure recycling facility, so there’s no weak link in the chain of information.

When to call a shredding service

There’s no inappropriate time to call them. While tax season is a particularly busy time for the document destruction experts in Toronto, they can help any day of the week. They’re prepared to help you with a one-time purge centred around spring cleaning, moving, or a death in the family, but they can also take on regularly scheduled shredding to help businesses with larger outputs of paper and electronics.

If you have old tax forms that are taking up space, first check with the CRA if you can discard them without worry. The CRA requires you keep any return and supporting document up to 7 years in case they need to reassess your file. Once you ensure you aren’t throwing away anything important, make sure you’re disposing of it correctly. Call a professional company that can ensure you aren’t endangering yourself by exposing personal information to identity thieves.