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Does Dinnerware Act As An Integral Part of The Food Presentation?

The dish does not complete without a phenomenal presentation. Most people try and taste a dish because it seems delicious and to give the dish that edge, the presentation has to be top-notch. Remember, if the eyes like it only then your dish will be considered worth having. Food presentation defines the success of any eating place and when throwing a party, the success rate surely depends on the presentation. Across the globe, the chefs agree to this fact that presentation does add to the taste of the dish.

Therefore, below are some tips that may help you to understand the science behind food presentation.

The Star Dish:

You may be an expert in creating various dishes, however, if you are waiting to hear “The Dish Tasted Delicious” from your clients, then having a star dish in the menu is the key. If your star dish is more attractive and appealing then the eaters could not sideline it at any cost. This dish should stand out from the rest in terms of presentation, as, once this satisfies the customer, he will surely end up trying the remaining items.

Food Presentation

Suitable Dinnerware:

Imagine, you put your heart and soul into creating a dish and no one wishes to taste it! You would definitely feel miserable! Well, there is nothing wrong with the dish, but the plate that you served in may have caused this effect. The dish looks more appealing when presented on a clean plate or an appropriate one. Delivering the signature dish on a steel plate can actually kill the charm of any dish. Even plates that have oil stains or for that matter any stains are not at all appropriate for presentation. Apart from the material of the plate, the size matters too. If the size of the plate is too big then the dish will look petite and if it is too small then the essence of any dish will fade away as the presentation will look messy. Do not compromise on the quality of your dinnerware as it defines the success of your dish and who better than can understand what you need in order to have a flawless presentation appeal.

Timely Delivery:

Another element that makes or breaks your dish is the timing of it. Taking too long for plating the dish can make your food cold which may not taste good. Therefore, there is no fun of offering a dish which looks delicious but is cold for your customers. Chefs around the globe pay keen attention to the timing of the dish. For example, the main course is placed at 6 o’clock, vegetable around 2 o’clock, rice, pasta or any other carbohydrate dish around 11 o’clock. How would you love to have a hot melted ice-cream after a delicious main course? Well, this will indeed kill the essence of the food you just had even if seconds ago you were relishing the taste of its incredible ingredients.

The Magic of Right Color Scheme:

Food presentation alone does not mean placing the dish on a plate, in fact, it is more about how you play with the color and texture of the plate that is being used. Usually, having a white plate gives an enticing look to the dish as all the colors in the dish stand out on their own, especially, if the dish is red in color. However, if it is chicken that needs plating then do not go for white plates. Instead, opt for a darker shade such as – black or brown as it adds magic to the entire dish.   Just be careful when you try and innovate something new by giving your dish the edge of plate texture and color. Remember, excess of everything is always bad!

Use The Science of Garnishing Effectively:

How you garnish your dish defines how appealing will it look to any eye. Ensure, the garnishing ingredients are edible and they should add to the overall taste of the dish. Adding your innovative sense of styling may deliver seven stars to your dish, however, if not sure then parsley is all time savour. When nothing works well then parsley is something that will work every time for you.  Apart from this, follow the rule of thumb for extra applauds – never present a hot dish on a cold plate and a cold dish on a hot plate.

When a dish is plated well, then it surely enhances the overall experience of relishing the taste of every ingredient.