5 Key Skills Required for Working in the Social Housing Sector

Social Housing Sector is an industry open for graduates of all academic background. You do not need to have any specific subject degree to be a housing manager. But, there are a lot of practical and behavioral skills that are mandatory for working effectively in the field.

We have hand-picked top 5 behavioral skills without which you cannot sustain in this dynamic career field. If you think you possess the below discussed skills, then talk to the experts at They will surely able to guide you. Now let’s focus on the skill you will need:

Social Housing Sector

  1. Organizational Skills – One of the most important skill requirements for a housing manager is staying organized. The housing manager needs to handle multiple properties, tenants, and court cases. Without a perfect set of organizational skills, no one can handle all those works effectively. A good housing manager keeps all the agreement papers, legal documents etc. in an organized manner so that he can get the required document whenever needed. Time management is one of the most important organizational skills, which is also a key requirement for a housing officer.
  2. Communication – A housing officer needs to communicate with a myriad of persons and so communication skills are the mandatory skills. The officer needs to talk to tenants coming from different backgrounds for renting or leasing the property. He needs to order renovation and supervise the workers and contractors doing the work. He is responsible for making nuisance order case for tenants and also to present the case in the court. None of the works can be done without a good communication skill.
  3. Working Under Pressure – With so many things to take care of, anyone can get under pressure. If an individual does not have the skill to work under pressure then he won’t be able to do justification with the responsibilities of a housing manager.
  4. Analytical Thinking – Housing managers are responsible to set the rent and make the policy to minimize the rent arrears. They need to decide whether demolishing a property will be more beneficial than renovating it. There are lot more such responsibilities that a housing officer needs to take care of. And, therefore, a person lacking the analytical thinking will not be able to take the right decisions. 
  5. Negotiation – A housing officer needs the skills of negotiation because he is the person responsible for purchasing properties and renting them away. He also needs to negotiate with contractors who are hired for cleaning, repairing and renovating the properties. Not only this, they also need to negotiate with officials for government grants for the properties. So, they can’t do without the skill of negotiation.