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4 Pro Tips for Maintenance of Your Cordless Drill

Any technician who values and loves their work knows the importance of maintaining power tools such as cordless drills. These don’t come cheap, and because they’re essential to your work, maintaining them well is not an option but a necessity.

With proper maintenance, you can make your tools last longer and also cut down considerably on repair and replacement costs. Here are 4 simple yet effective ways to care for your cordless drills and other power tools.

Let it cool

As powerful as they are, drills can heat up quickly, especially when used for long durations. A drill’s motor can give way if you let it overheat and don’t pause while blasting into dense materials such as masonry and concrete. This overheating can cause considerable damage to not only the motor but also other drill parts.

If your drill feels hot, take a break and let it cool to room temperature before you resume work. A few minutes’ break can save your expensive tool from breaking down.

Cordless Drill

Keep it well-oiled

If you work with power tools regularly, you know how important it is to keep them well-lubricated. Without proper oiling, your cordless drill will not work to its maximum efficiency and will start giving trouble sooner or later. Oiling the chuck of your cordless drill is extremely important, as this is the part that holds the drill bit securely in place.

Knowing how to use cordless drill is not enough; you must know how to maintain the drill as well. Lubricate the machine as per the instruction manual so that you don’t end up harming the equipment or its parts. Regular lubrication protects the machine from corrosion and overheating.

Do away with worn parts

This is one area where you should not try to cut costs. Worn-out parts must be replaced as soon as you spot them, and this is possible only if you’re doing diligent maintenance.

If you use your power drill for commercial work, it will wear out sooner than a tool used only for household repair and maintenance. If you’re not qualified to do it yourself, get the drill examined by a professional who’ll look for parts that need replacement. This simple habit will go a long way in prolonging the life of your cordless drill.

Clean after every use

Seasoned technicians swear by this simple maintenance ritual. A drilling machine should get a thorough cleaning at the end of the day, every day. With frequent use, the vents on the motor can get clogged with fine particles of wood, metal and concrete, and not clearing these regularly can stall the machine beyond repair. Use a soft cloth to clean out the visible dirt. To clean the interiors, use an air compressor or air duster to blow out the dust and other particles from the motor.

Aside from the above, caring for the drill’s battery should be an essential part of your maintenance routine. Proper storage and charging can significantly extend the life of the battery of your expensive cordless drill.