4 Digital Marketing Strategies an Entrepreneur Should Consider

One of the most available and affordable ways for an entrepreneur to market their start-up business is digital marketing. However, people tend to focus more on the initial marketing plan which doesn’t always bear fruit.

Digital marketing isn’t as easy as looking into a travel expense report, but it’s achievable. In case you are unfamiliar with it, it is advertising delivered via digital channels like websites, search engines, and social media.

While having a website is very crucial for your business, that’s just the beginning. How you attract, generate, and engage leads from that site is where the real success and fun begins. Here are some of the digital marketing strategies you need to consider:

Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. Content Marketing

This advertising strategy uses content you develop to develop users to your site. To implement this type of marketing, you need to create a section that is updated on a regular basis on your site. It should have new items or blogs about your products and services.

Adding a blog t your sight positions your brand or business as the leading thought-leader in your industry. It will also have a growing impact on both search engine optimization and your social media. The more you update the content, the more it will receive higher rankings on SEO.

Share the blogs with your followers on social media. That will give you the motivation to post something every week, and your followers may share them across their platforms which will help you reach an even more significant audience.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO should unquestionably be part of your marketing plan. Search Engine Optimization is what affects the visibility of your website in organic search results. Even though it takes time to generate results when compared to other digital marketing aspects, it will help you get there.

What you need to do is determine a set of at least 5-10 keywords that your estimated audience would enter when searching for your business and use the keywords to optimize your website. You can achieve this by writing blogs relating to those keywords, adding them in the content of your site and edit the META info of your site.

  1. Google Ads

Most people confuse Google ads with SEO. Even though the two work together, they are two different strategies. Google ads are the search results that appear above the organic listings; they can be purchased on Google AdWords. They feature a small green icon to make them different from SEO.

You can purchase the Google ad on a pay per click basis; this means that you are charged a fee each time someone clicks the ad and visits your site. The costs of the ads range, but you can keep them within a budget if you set a maximum daily and monthly budget per ad.

  1. Social Media

This is probably the strategy that is most well-known and most utilized by entrepreneurs. However, either they are not optimizing it well enough or misusing it for the business. Most of them use social media as a direct sales tool for their business which is the wrong approach.

Social media is meant to be a tool you use to share about your service or products, connect with followers, build brand awareness, and answer any questions. Engage your customers by sharing information that benefits them and directly trying to sell your products to them.