3 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Still Work

The speed at which the internet has developed means that a lot of people often forget the traditional forms of marketing which used to be so commonly used amongst new businesses. Instead, a lot of new companies simply locate the nearest search engine optimisation provider they can find, and concentrate all of their efforts on building an online brand.We’re now in an era where online marketing is unquestionably the most beneficial type for a lot of businesses. However, even though it is classed as the dominant form of marketing, traditional ideas can still work as we take a look at some of the three that tend to be forgotten.Poster and Leaflet AdvertisingMany people immediately dismiss this form of marketing, with posters and labels tending to have a prehistoric label attached to them nowadays. However, if used correctly, posters and leaflets can be extremely effective – not to mention dirt cheap.

Marketing Techniques

For example, if you were to get large poster printing at, the normal practice is to hand it around to local businesses who can then display it to their own customers. The trick is to find a business in a similar niche to yours; so if you happen to be running a children’s play centre, displaying posters in shops where local school children frequent will most likely prompt lots of attention.In the case of leaflet advertising, this is something where you simply have to accept that there will be lots of failure. For every twenty leaflets you hand out, nineteen might end up in the gutter – but that remaining one might result in a lot of business for your company. Furthermore, leaflet advertising is one of the cheapest types around and even if most people do discard your material, you will have at least made them aware of your company.

Newspaper and Magazine AdvertsIf you have a slightly larger budget, newspaper and magazine advertising can still be very effective. Obviously, we’re talking about local newspapers and niche magazines, with these generally being affordable but also more effective. While your half-page spread in the popular local paper might be seen by tens of thousands of people, most of these readers are unlikely to be too interested in your product so you should concentrate your efforts on a smaller, targeted field.Word of Mouth This last technique can be used via any medium and if you can create some form of buzz around your company, it’s probably one of the most effective ways to generate business. Whether it’s by giving out free samples or even using one of the above two methods to create a unique or bizarre campaign – word of mouth marketing generally won’t cost you a penny and will give your business an instant reputation. Of course, establishing that killer reason to make people talk about your business is difficult and many people struggle to think of a good enough campaign to set tongues wagging.