3 Fast Ways to Refresh Your Shop’s Frontage

As a business owner, you are always looking for new ways to bring in a crowd. After all, you are only a true success if you are able to keep customers coming back and new ones coming in. If you own a store or restaurant, it is important for you to continually freshen the front exterior so that people are tempted to see what you offer. If your shop’s front looks old, dirty and disorganised, there is a good chance that most people will simply walk or drive on by without giving it a second thought. Freshening up the store’s exterior really does not take much time and it can be cheaper than you might think.

Add Flags, Lights and SignsOne of the main things that every store needs is to let people know that they are there and that they are open. If there are no flags outside and it looks dark because of a lack of lighting, people might assume that you are closed. One of the best ways to freshen your store’s exterior is to get flags that clearly state that you are open. Hang these flags in an obvious area so that people passing by can see them and make sure to take them down when you close for the day so that you do not confuse customers. Neon lighting for your windows can also be a wonderful touch to let people know that you are open and that you offer a certain type of service.

Shop's Frontage

Keep it Clean All the TimeAnother key factor for freshening up your store’s frontage is to keep it clean all the time. Brush down cobwebs when you see them and sweep the entrance area multiple times a day. Keep weeds outside at bay and make sure to trim any lawn area that is around your store. If you have large windows in the front of the store, you should keep these cleaned regularly so that everything looks bright and clean. Buy a customised door mat with your company logo to add an extra touch of class: you can order one from More customers will notice that you’re there and will want to actually come in if things look nice and tidy.

Do a Little LandscapingLandscaping the front of your shop can also freshen up its look and get more people to come in. You do not necessarily need to hire a landscaping company to do this for you. Even adding a few hanging flower baskets on hooks outside of your store will give it a fresh and lively appearance that customers will notice. Think about adding flower boxes to windows in the front and putting in some plants or flower arrangements. Try to avoid using artificial flowers because these can sometimes come off as looking tacky.